MIRRO | Tissue Box (silver)

MIRRO | Tissue Box (gold)

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Tissue, one of the most necessary object in any space.

However, sometimes people choose to ignore the importance of tissue's appearance,

or maybe compromise with the ugliness of it.

In this case, we come up an idea, that is to re-define the existence of tissue,

by giving it the best appearance that fits in any kind of interior style,

then add up some marvelous function that may improve people's life,

tissue reborn as a part of home decor, or maybe something to admire.


- Surfaced with premium sleek metal, scratch resistant, perfect reflection

- MIRRO also fits in any kind of tissue on earth, with our "Universal Kit" (enclosed with every MIRRO)


Main Body : ABS & Nano Plated Metal
Metal: Titanium Nano Metal
Size: 21 x 16.7 x 16cm  (L*W*H)